Management at Houston Independent School District (HISD).

You will select one organization HISD to write about in your paper. Please recognize this assignment requires that you conduct research (i.e., internet searches for articles, perusing the organization’s website, etc.)

You will submit one paper that focuses on the selected organization and a “Management-related” topic.
Examples of topics include but not limited to:

Four (4) sections that relate to the core management functions discussed in your textbook (Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling).
Leadership: Research the President/CEO of selected organization. You may select one or more of the Leadership theories discussed in the textbook.
Teamwork: Research ways your selected organization uses “teamwork” to be effective and successful.
Motivation: Research ways your selected organization motivates its employees. You may use one or more of the Motivation theories discussed in the textbook.
Goals and Objectives: Research ways your selected organization has developed their goals and objectives and the implementation of them.
Conflict: Discuss how your organization handles conflict? Does it follow any discussions stated in textbook?
Organizational Change: Has your organization been through (or going through) a major change? Discuss it!


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