Write my Paper The impact of integrated marketing communications on consumer decision making


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Using SPSS to analyze questionnaire and also analyze the result after getting data from SPSS

(In excel: Text highlight green) The dependent variable will focus on the amount of cosmetic, skincare and perfume items that the respondent buy in the last three months (buying behavior). Independent variables consist of four marketing communication tools including advertising, sale promotion, personal selling and direct marketing (Text highlight yellow).

1. Introduction
2. Demographics of the Sample
3. Validity of Measures: Exploratory Factor Analysis
– Rotated component matrix
4. Reliability of Measures
– Reliability of the Scales
5. Characteristics of the Data
– Multicollinearity between Independent Variables:
6. Hypothesis Testing: Linear Regression
H1: Advertising has positive influence on consumer buying behavior
H2: Sale promotion has positive influence on consumer buying behavior
H3: Personal selling has positive influence on consumer buying behavior
H4: Direct marketing has positive influence on consumer buying behavior
– Model Summary
– Regression Coefficients
– Hypothesis Testing Results
7. Findings by Gender
– Independent Samples T-test
8. Conclusion


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