Write my Paper The burden of being women in Saudi Arabia.

The burden of being women in Saudi Arabia.

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Topic: The burden of being women in Saudi Arabia.

General Purpose: To inform my audience about the women’s lives in the Middle East is difficult.


Central Idea: Women’s lives in the Middle East particularly in Saudi Arabia is difficult because of their culture. They are facing some fundamental serious issues such as freedom, safety, and oppression.

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For this assignment, each student will prepare an INFORMATIVE SPEECH for five to seven minutes. In an informative speech, the speakers act as a teacher or journalist and are careful not to show bias or take sides. To successfully complete this assignment, each student must have both PREPARATION AND A SPEAKING OUTLINE. The preparation outline must be written in complete sentences. In addition, the preparation outline contains an INTRODUCTION, A BODY (MAIN POINTS) and a CONCLUSION. A BIBLIOGRAPHY must be attached to the preparation outline, containing a minimum of four sources, and giving complete citations for all sources. In addition to the preparation outline, each student will prepare a speaking outline. Unlike the preparation outline, the speaking outline is designed to be brief and much less detailed. Keywords are used rather than complete sentences and the speaking outline does not contain a bibliography.



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