Write my Paper Conflict Management Styles


Nurse leaders need to be familiar with conflict management styles and the impact
these styles can have on interpersonal dynamics, and, ultimately, patient care- For
this Discussion, you evaluate a situation marked by conflict and consider how conflict
management strategies could be applied to promote positive results-

To prepae:

Consider a conflict situation you witnessed or were engaged in within you practice
setting- Then, proceed as follows:

Think about who was involved, how it was resolved Of it was), and how it might have
been handled more effectively-

Identify the conflict management style(s) employed by various individuals, including
ineffective responses or no response to the situation-

Evaluate you personal response to this conflict-

What do you thoughts and actions in this and other conflict situations reveal about
you typical approach to conflict?

BY Day 3

Post a description of how you handled or avoided a conflict, as well as the results of
you approach- Explain how would you respond to this conflict today and/or what
steps you would take to improve you comfort level and skill for managing conflict in
the futue Gncluding specific conflict management strategies you would use)- Explain
how conflict management relates to you effectiveness as a leader-


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