Write my Essay on Nola Pender Health Promotion Model

Literature Review on Nola Pender and her Theory of Health Promotion Model
1. Select three article (very important 3 in total) that reflect a comprehensive literature review of the theory (The Health Promotion model) propounded by the theorist (Nola Pender) you have been assigned and summarize each article into 1 page. The articles should contain at least two primary sources. (One from Nola Pender) and a secondary source, one of which must be a research article.
2. Start each summary on a separate page. Summaries should be one page in length for each article Begin each summary with the correct APA citation of the article.
3. The summary should contain an introduction, a synopsis of the article, and a conclusion that contains your own evaluation of the article and its relevance.
4. Integrate all articles into a comprehensive reference list at the end of the literature review
Paper Comments A Primary sources and a secondary sources/ per summarypage = 6 sources minumum
Note for the writer: A primary source is an article written by the theorist herself (In this case Nola Pender). A secondary source is an article written about the theory or its use by another author. A research article is one in which the theory was used as the foundation for a research study; this may be a primary or secondary source depending upon whether the research was done by the theorist or by someone using her theory.
Example of Articles mean
Selection reflects research into the historical perspective of the theory.
Selection reflects breadth of research into the theory and its utilization and evaluation.
What to do in Summaries
Summary is articulate and includes the entire article.
Summary clearly describes the author’s perspective.
Editorial/personal response demonstrates critical thinking.

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