Write my Essay on Driving and Building Leadership

This assignment focuses on defining leadership through qualities, self-awareness, styles, and attributes. The assignment also highlights the aspects of managing people, teams, and the organizational goals collectively. Managing people and team performance defines and provides aspects of how a manager learns to communicate and collaborate with diverse individuals through social networking, interaction, and influence while; motivating all to move toward organizational success.

Assignment Steps

Resources: Exploring Management: Ch. 10, Ch. 11, Ch. 12, Ch. 13, and Ch. 14; University Library

Exploring Management, Ch. 10: Leadership
Exploring Management, Ch. 11: Individual Behavior
Exploring Management, Ch. 12: Motivation
Exploring Management, Ch. 13: Teams and Teamwork
Exploring Management, Ch. 14: Communication
Develop a 1,050-word document by integrating your responses to include the Leader SWOTT Analysis.

Describe three motivational techniques that will keep the outcome and effects of others moving toward the organization’s goals.
Explain how would you measure team performance.
Discuss which mode of communication and collaboration is most effective understanding team dynamics.
Summarize your findings by using a SWOTT Analysis to illustrate the core competencies of a leader.

Include the following in your SWOTT analysis:

List and explain the core competencies of a leader.
Discuss the qualities that identify leadership and explain how these core competencies build leadership characteristics.
Support your findings with four or more credible academic citations and references. One reference must be from the school library.

Format your document consistent with APA Guidelines.

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