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1. Compare the risk of fire with the risk of war in terms of how well they meet the requirements of an ideally insurable risk.

2. a. Private insurers provide social and economic benefits to society. Explain the following benefits of insurance to society.

Indemnification for loss
Enhancement of credit
Source of funds for capital accumulation

b. Explain the major costs of insurance to society.

3. Buildings in flood zones are difficult to insure by private insurers because the ideal requirements of an insurable risk are difficult to meet.

Identify the ideal requirements of an insurable risk.
Which of the requirements of an insurable risk are not met by the flood peril?
4. Private insurance provides numerous coverages that can be used to meet specific loss situations. For each of the following situations, identify a private insurance coverage that would provide the desired protection.

Emily, age 28, is a single parent with two dependent children. She wants to make certain that funds are available for her children’s education if she dies before her youngest child finishes college.
Danielle, age 16, recently obtained her driver’s license. Her parents want to make certain they are protected if Danielle negligently injures another motorist while driving a family car.
Jacob, age 30, is married with two dependents. He wants his income to continue if he becomes totally disabled and unable to work.
Tyler, age 35, recently purchased a house for $200,000 that is located in an area where tornadoes frequently occur. He wants to make certain that funds are available if the house is damaged or destroyed by a tornado.
Nathan, age 40, owns an upscale furniture store. He wants to be protected if a customer is injured while shopping in the store and sues him for the bodily injury.

1. Scaffold Equipment manufactures and sells scaffolds and ladders that are used by construction firms. The products are sold directly to independent retailers in the United States. The company’s risk manager knows that the company could be sued if a scaffold or ladder is defective, and someone is injured. Because the cost of products liability insurance has increased, the risk manager is considering other techniques to treat the company’s loss exposures.

Describe the steps in the risk management process.
For each of the following risk management techniques, describe a specific action using that technique that may be helpful in dealing with the company’s products liability exposure.
Loss prevention
Loss reduction
Noninsurance transfers
2. The Swift Corporation has 5,000 sales representatives and employees in the United States who drive company cars. The company’s risk manager has recommended to the firm’s management that the company should implement a partial retention program for physical damage losses to company cars.

a. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of a partial retention program to the Swift Corporation.

b. Identify the factors that the Swift Corporation should consider before it adopts a partial retention program for physical damage losses to company cars.

c. If a partial retention program is adopted, what are the various methods the Swift Corporation can use to pay for physical damage losses to company cars?

d. Identify two risk-control measures that could be used in the company’s partial retention program for physical damage losses.

3. Avoidance is a risk-control technique that can be used effectively in a risk management program.

a. What is the major advantage of using the technique of avoidance in a risk management program?

b. Is it possible or practical for a firm to avoid all potential losses? Explain your answer.

4. A risk management program must be implemented and periodically monitored to be effective. This step requires the preparation of a risk management policy statement. The cooperation of other departments is also necessary.

a. What benefits can the firm expect to receive from a well-prepared risk management policy statement?

b. Identify several departments within a firm that are especially important in a risk management program.

5. Chris and Karen are married and own a three-bedroom home in a large midwestern city. Their son, Christian, attends college away from home and lives in a fraternity house. Their daughter, Kelly, is a senior in high school. Chris is an accountant who works for a local accounting firm. Karen is a marketing analyst and is often away from home several days at a time. Kelly earns extra cash by babysitting on a regular basis.The family’s home contains household furniture, personal property, a computer that Chris uses to prepare business tax returns on weekends, and a laptop computer that Karen uses while traveling. The Swifts also own three cars. Christian drives a 2007 Ford; Chris drives a 2012 Pontiac for both business and personal use; and Karen drives a 2014 Toyota and a rental car when she is traveling. Although the Swifts have owned their home for several years, they are considering moving because of the recent increase in violent crime in their neighborhood.

Describe briefly the steps in the personal risk management process.
Identify the major pure risks or pure loss exposures to which Chris and Karen are exposed with respect to each of the following:
Personal loss exposures
Property loss exposures
Liability loss exposures
With respect to each of the loss exposures mentioned above, identify an appropriate personal risk management technique that could be used to treat the exposure.

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