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Issues and questions to be addressed:

1.    What is the mission of the organization
a.    Present  the organization’s mission statement
b.    Provide a brief history of the organization
c.    Identify its  main customers and competitors
2.    Organizational Structure and Leadership
a.    Describe  the formal  organizational structure
b.    Profile its top leadership
i.    name
ii.    summary of background
iii.    leadership style
3.    Organizational Environments
a.    Discuss the key factors in the organization’s general environment and how they impact the organization
b.    Discuss the key factors in the organization’s task environment and how they impact the organization
4.    Organizational Culture
a.    Discuss the culture of the organization
b.    Who are the organization’s heroes? Here is the link to an article about one organizational hero:  https://hbr.org/1999/07/the-toxic-handler-organizational-hero-and-casualty/ar/1
c.    What role has culture played in the success/failure of the organization?
5.    Innovation
a.    Discuss the role innovation has played in the company
b.    Is innovation encouraged in the organization?
6.    Sustainability
a.    Discuss the organization’s commitment to sustainability
b.    Identify one initiative that the company has undertaken to demonstrate its responsibility to the environment
7.    The future
a.    Identify at least two threats and two opportunities that the company is facing today.
b.    What strategic recommendations can you make to mitigate the threats and exploit the opportunities?
c.    Assess your interest in joining this organization; would you be interested in working at this organization?  Why or why not?

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