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Students will be required to write a final course paper on a disability related topic of the student’s choice. This paper should include information from a variety of sources, including independent literature research, guest speakers and class discussions as well as a personal reaction (opinion) to the subject. The paper should be 5-7  pages in length (12point Times New Roman font, double spaced, 1 inch margins), and turned into theinstructor via Carmen dropbox. The reference page is  not included in the length.  Papers should be titled “name.#_topic” (e.g. hoglund.1_TBI).  Final papers are due by the date and time identified on the syllabus. Late papers will have points deducted to the next lower level from each section of the rubric for each day.Students should discuss the following subjects in the paper:

the important issuesregarding disability discussed in the topic area, the professional areas most involved in the particular topic (including how they are involved in that topic, and a discussion of how your future profession is involved), any additional relevant information related to the specific topic, and provide personal reaction to the subject in the form of opinion or personal experiences. All papers should include a minimum of 5 resources (including at least 1 peer-reviewed journal article).  All citations should be in APA format (in text citations, reference page, etc)

A published source can include a journal article, newspaper, or credible online source (this includes websites sponsored by professional organizations, governmentwebsites, etc).  At least one of these sources MUST be from a peer-reviewed journal(most professional organizations publish at least one peer-reviewed journal).  Only two websites may count toward the five required sources (you must have at least 3 print sources—this DOES include the online versions of journals, however).  Wikipedia is NOT considered a credible source.  Textbooks are likewise not allowed, except as additional sources beyond the required five sources (these are considered secondary sources).  Each source should be cited in text using APA format.  A separate reference page should be attached.
In text citations and reference page This includes the use of proper in-text citations for all sources listed on the reference page, and correctly citing all sources on reference page. Anything that is cited in text should be on the reference page and vice versa

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