We can work on Beowulf Episode 4 QUESTIONS

Read episode 4 of the Beowulf translation and use it to help you answer the worksheet questions. Remember, while SparkNotes and other sites can be helpful, your answers to the questions should always be in your own words.

Always answer in complete sentences. Grammar and punctuation are a factor in your grade.

1- What is on Grendel’s mind as he enters the hall?

2- Who or what intends for this night to be the last that Grendel has a “human supper?”

3- In your opinion, why does Beowulf allow Grendel to slaughter one of the Geats before taking action?

4- How does Grendel’s attitude/mindset change when Beowulf attacks him?

5- What sound made the Danes “cower in their beds”?

6- How do Beowulf’s men react to the struggle? What does this tell us about the Anglo-Saxon code of honor?

7- Why have other soldiers had no success battling Grendel?

8- Describe Grendel’s condition at the end of the battle.

9- What hung high from the rafters as proof to Beowulf’s success?

10- The next day, how do the Danes react to the “battleground”?

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