Write my Essay biblical Hermeneutics

biblical Hermeneutics

write a 7–10-page Exegetical Paper including a summary and analysis of the book. The critique must follow current Turabian formatting. (MLO: A, D) CONTENT – 70 points •    Utilizes and applies readings from the textbooks. •    Critiques the assertion that the essential activity of religion and hermeneutics. •    Analyzes the following areas of education (training), leadership, and spiritual formation: o    Identifies education, discipleship, and spiritual formation and describes the similarities and differences among them. o    Explains in which of the three is ethics most crucial and why. o    Explains if it matters which area is of most interest to the field of organizational behavior and business ethics. o    Explains the connection of each of these 3 areas with ethics. o    Identifies what the essential activity of organizational behavior is if making leaders is not. o    Identifies the evidence of organizational behavior and business ethics as employed in religion and the hermeneutical analysis. STRUCTURE, ASSIGNMENT FORMAT, & SUBMISSION    – 20 points        •    Assignment was submitted on or before established deadline.        •    Title page includes student name, class, instructor, and date.        •    The expected length (7 – 10 pages) is met.    •    Turabian style is used (title page, table of contents, body, supporting documentation, and bibliography as an appendix along with Times New Roman font, 12 point, and single-spaced text with 1-inch margins.)                        •    Paper presentation is strong and focused.                    •    Sentence fluency is coherent, unified, and varied.                    •    Sentence structure is complete, clear, and concise.                GRAMMAR AND MECHANICS – 10 points •    Punctuation is correct.                                    •    Spelling is correct.                                    •    Words are precise, unambiguous, and appropriate.

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