Write my Essay a kingdom of gold into one of iron and rust

Your main posting this week is a short essay. Typically, a short essay has an introductory paragraph, three or four paragraphs or so of main points with supporting evidence, and a concluding paragraph. See the grading guide in Course Documents for more details. Choose ONE of the following topics for your main discussion posting for the week. Remember to provide a reference if you used a source other than your textbook for information. Also, remember not to copy and paste from any sources – summarize and analyze in your own words. The sculpture on the church of San Marco in Venice portrays Diocletian and three colleagues. Explain the symbolism of the four men. Explain why the sitting of the sculpture is ironic. Although Augustus granted himself the powers of an absolute ruler, he did not proclaim this ascension openly. In what ways did he retain the appearance of republican government? Why? The Roman Empire after Marcus Aurelius was seen by Dio Cassius as a decline from “a kingdom of gold into one of iron and rust.” Do you agree with Cassius’s metaphor? Were the major difficulties following the last of the “good emperors” caused by internal or external forces? Feudal society developed over time. What were the costs and benefits for lords at the beginning of the Middle Ages? Did these change toward the end of this era? Imagine you are a peasant living in the year 798. You have been given a choice as to where to live: Constantinople, Aachen, or Cordoba, Spain. Where would you live? Why? Argue against the other choices. What are some of the divisions that split the Christian church? Which do you think are more significant: doctrinal or practical differences? Reference https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=srs%3D9187220011%26search-alias%3Dtradein-aps&field-keywords=9780205393923

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