: Write a Grant

: Write a Grant

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Write A Grant for the Non Profit Organization South Plains Council of Boy Socuts of American. SPC of BSA is applying to the National Rifle Assoication (NRA) for a grant to host a Women on Target shooting clinic. In the West Texas area.
A Pediatrician’s Guide to Writing a Proposal. Will have valuable information to help you put together your grant proposal as well as examples for you to follow. develop your needs/problem statement for your grant application.
Your needs statement should follow the guidelines provided by the New Mexico Grant Writing Toolkit: Needs Statement
your document should have the following instructions. This toolkit gives step by step instructions and gives examples. The toolkit gives resources for you to look at for data collection. Your statement should include:
6 A Problem description
7 Problem Recognition
8 Problem Implications
9 Problem Hurdles
10 Problem Urgency
11 What solving the problem means
12 Human interest story
Needs Statement toolkit
Create a budget for your RFP identifying direct costs, indirect costs and in-kind contributions. This is a continuation of the grant project and will be put together to form your grant application. Make sure to include food, travel, supplies, personnel salaries, and any other items that may contribute to the successful implementation of your grant. Additional examples can also be found inThe Pediatrician’s Guide to Writing a Proposal.
Please submit your document which you have created according to the following instructions.
If you have specific template supplied by the funder, use it. Some examples of various budgets have been placed online for you to view and use if needed. Make it detailed and visually attractive. Submit a budget narrative so you can justify any expensive items or questionable items (Why you need the $1000 printer rather than the $100 one).
This is a two-step assignment.
1 First, develop a budget outline in a spreadsheet or table format. Make sure to:
a. Include all items requested by the funding source.
b. Include all items paid for by other sources.
c. Include direct costs that will be incurred at the time the project is implemented.
d. Verify that all budget amounts are justified.
e. Double-check all figures for accuracy.
f. Organize the budget so it is reader friendly. You need to make sure you can understand it at a glance and use fonts, bold and italics to show hierarchy in your budget.
g. Ensure the proposed budget is sufficient to perform the tasks described in the program’s design/methods/strategies section.
1 Second, attach the budget narrative. Explain how the budget will be spent, why each item is needed, and why the budget is cost-effective. The narrative must provide a clear picture of the significant impact that can be made with the requested funds. Use professional language.
• Budget Template and Samples Guide
Grant Proposal final grant proposal for your NPO. You will complete the grant proposal. Additional examples of full grant proposals can also be found in The Pediatrician’s Guide to Writing a Proposal.
Please submit your document which you have created according to the following instructions.
The grant assignment is a three step process.
Part 1: The first step is to write the grant. You should be able to copy and paste your Needs/Problem Statement (#5) and your budget with narrative (#9) into your proposal eliminating 2 big steps.

The grant proposal must include the following:
1 Title Page
2 Abstract/ Executive Summary
3 Introduction
4 Needs/Problem Statement complete with literature review (minimum of 5 articles).
5 Goals and Objectives
6 Program Design/Methods/Strategies
7 Evaluation Plan
8 Organizational Information/Benefits/Structure
9 Program’s Budget and Budget Narrative
10 Conclusion/ Other Funding/Sustainability/ Supplemental Materials

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