Works & authors

You may choose to write the essay final if you need additional reading credits. USE ONLY THE WORKS AND AUTHORS ASSIGNED IN THIS COURSE –WORLD LIT 1–AND THAT YOU CHOSE TO READ FROM THE COURSE
Choose one of the following to respond to, using the traditional essay (intro/thesis, two to five body supports, and conclusion) format. Write the question you are answering at the top of the essay page. Be specific with examples. Follow the instructions in Part A/ Lessons/ Assignments for using direct quotes and parenthetical documentation as well as the title file for how to capitalize and punctuate title of long and short works.
Works & authors covered (Hebrew, Pslams, Sappho, Sapphocles, Plato, Dante, Chaucer, John Donne)
1. Citing at least three to five works or authors covered in this course, cite a Western cultural or intellectual pattern or idea that you see running through many of the works.
2. Citing at least three to five works or authors covered in this course, explain how you see the heritage of these writers and these periods in your own view of the world.
You are writing a personal essay: see pronoun use file. Write only from your experience and give specific examples. Any deviation from the instructions will result in a zero credit: everything counts.
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