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You are the OHN in a large corporation. There has been a need identified for a workplace health and wellness program related to the prevention and management of Hypertension. The organization has 1300 employees –most are in the central office in the city. There are 200 workers that are assigned to rural areas and are not consistently in the workplace.
The management team of the corporation has communicated a philosophy and committed to an overall strategy for a healthy workplace. The leadership team recognizes that the workers do not have convenient access to primary health care providers or comprehensive health services within the urban setting and would like to meet this need. The management team would like to provide a health care service related to prevention and management of hypertension for all workers. They would like to see a healthy workplace where workers are supported to prevent development of hypertension . As well, the management team would like to support the workers that have been diagnosed with hypertension and are managing this chronic condition. Imagine that you have many resources available to you and very few limitations in this scenario. (You only have the limitations that you imagine!)
You as the OHN believe that you can plan and deliver an effective health promotion program related to hypertension. You are excited to use the “getting started” guidelines identified by CCOHS.(found in Reading assignment 2.2).
You may also refer to and use the other resources provided in the Reading assignment 2.2 to support your work and provide guidance to you.
Workplace Health and Wellness Program – Guidelines
Part 1
1. Summarize your strategy and the considerations you believe are important before you get started on the plan details. Include the key elements that you need to consider? IE:
Goal and objectives, target audience and type of program.
2. Identify and describe any legal or ethical consideration that may impact this health promotion program. Consider the health and safety of the workers that will be participating in this program. Back up your comments with references.
Part 2
1. Based on the 7 steps of getting started (outlined in the CCOHS Workplace Health and Wellness Program – Getting Started –, List and analyze each step Why is it important? What might be some of the challenges involved in each step.
2. Under each of the first 6 steps – Describe the specifics of your Workplace health and wellness program – related to prevention and management of Hypertension. You will need to “ make up” or imagine the information that you use to develop and describe this program. Remember to support your choices with references.

Part 3
1. Under Step 7 – you will need to make up the results of your program. Provide a review and evaluation of your program. Outline what is working and what is not. What baseline data did you gather so you could compare results? Did you meet your goal and objectives?
2. Identify ways that you might improve this program?

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