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This discussion addresses module outcome 1. In this discussion you will address how order is maintained within the context of the group. You will apply sociological theories to explain why and how conformity occurs and the role of authority figures in society. Make sure that you have read Chapter 4 and viewed this video [Video, 3:28 mins] before you begin the activity. You will discuss leadership styles and the role that authority and power play in the group process. Each group, regardless of size, develops a culture for interaction. Each group establishes norms, or rules for behavior within the context of that group. Each group selects a leader and the leader establishes the interactions to maintain the cohesion of the group.
Before beginning this activity, be sure to read the Module Notes and the assigned readings and viewings. Use as much detail from the readings and other learning materials in the module as possible to answer the following questions.
1. Describe a group norm or rules for behavior for a group of which you are a member or one that you lead.
2. What style of leadership does the group leader employ (Charismatic, Instrumental or Expressive)?
3. What types of sanctions are used within the group?
4. How effective is the leadership style? Why does it work or not work with this group?

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