Woolworth work

You have to read the Woolworth work (file1) that I have upload it under the name( 1) because in one point you will have to link the findings found in this paper with this new one that you should written. In this file1 about Woolworth I did an environmental analysis using the PESTEL tool so you will have findings in the Political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal aspects.
• References must be alphabetically ordered and consolidated (file 1 and this new paper) all together. APA format must be used.
1. 300 words. Make a critique of mission and governance according to management theory by way of management audit.
2. 700 words. LINKED TO WOOLWORTH work. Make a strategic position analysis using SWOT or Porter’s forces model but exploiting the findings found in the Woolworth work (paper 2).
3. 1500 words. According to management theory describe and analyse the organisation’s management with reference to its ethical decision making, culture, and planning leading, organising and controlling functions.
4. In about 500 words, provide a concluding paragraph summarising your management audit, with any appropriate recommendations.
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