on the theme of corporate social responsibility

Please be advised that this assignment is based on the text book called Required Text:
Business In Ethical Focus, An Anthology, edited by Fritz Allhoff and Anand Vaidya, Broadview Press, 2008
Also, the paper should be divided into 4 parts:
1- INTRODUCTION not more than have page for the introduction and the theses statement.
2- EXPLICATION this part should have brief described of the theory’s that related to the topic in the textbook PLUS my argument on that!
3- SUPPORT MY ARGUMENT ” this the most important part in this paper ” wheather I agree with it or not!
* Finally, any sentence quoted from the textbook would be allowed only and only if you write the page number beside it! Otherwise, it would affect on my final mark!

All the above and the bellow instructions must be considered
With direct reference to the essays by Friedman, Freeman and Heath write a critical essay on the theme of corporate social responsibility. Specifically, explain and contrast the stockholder, stakeholder and market failures models of corporate management, make the case for one of these models, and show why rival models fail. In other words, you will be evaluated on how well you understand and engage the authors being discussed, and on the strength of the arguments you make in support of a position. And remember: the point is not to discuss all of the arguments a given author advances, but rather to use what is needed to support your position.
The paper must be: double spaced, 7 pages long, use Times New Roman font/size 12, have standard margin size for word documents, have numbered and stapled pages. For the purposes of anonymous grading, the paper must only include your student number and your instructor’s name on the first page.

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