Women in United States History Custom Essay

Topic: Women in United States History

Answer the following: Construct an argument that explores what you view as significant changes for women from 1960-2000. In your opinion, what was the greatest obstacle that women faced in this time period and what was the greatest achievement that women secured during this time period?

In responding to the question, you must review (3) three powerpoint Chapters 10,11,12 and use at least (3) three of the assigned documents as evidential support.

Your response needs to provide a balanced assessment of time period of 1960-2000. Do not present documentation that addresses only one specific decade.

Your response should have an introduction that introduces your focus, providing historical context to your focus and then providing a well-defined thesis statement. Within the body of your response, each paragraph should have a topic sentence that defines a certain aspect of your thesis statement; that you develop within the paragraph with selected evidential support from your chosen (3) three documents, (3) three chapter powerpoint readings that you asses in support of your thesis statement. Be sure to provide clear citation wishing your response to documents and sources cited. Your response should have a conclusion that summarizes your major points and redirects the reader’s attention back to your thesis statement, underscoring how you have proven your position on the question. Be sure to provide a works cited at the end of your response that provides a list of all sources referenced and used in your response.

Assigned Powerpoint: Ch 10, Ch 11, Ch 12

Assigned Documents: Betty Friedan-The Problem that Has No Name, Ella Baker-Bigger That a Hamburger, Casey Hayden and Mary King-Women in the Movement, Ch 10 Documents, National Organization for Women-Women’s Bill of Rights, Johnnie Tillman-Welfare is a Women’s Issue, Ch 11 Documents, Phyllis Schlafly-What’s Wrong with Equal Rights for Women, Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards-The Feminist Diaspora.

Remember to review the (3) three Chapter Powerpoint and include at least (3) of the Assigned Documents.

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