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University of Manchester.
3500 word essay ‘What is valuable about Democracy’ Needed by 12th Feb 2017.
What is democracy?
• What does it mean to say that the people rule in a democracy?
• What are the fundamental values that motivate (or should motivate) our
attempts to maintain and strengthen democracy?
• Does democracy require liberal rights?
• To what extent is democracy simply about majority rule?
• Is democracy intrinsically valuable or only valuable for the good
consequences it brings about?
• How universally applicable is democracy to other cultures and other
nations with no hist
Beetham, D [2005] – Democracy, A Beginner’s Guide (Chapters 1 & 2).pdf

Blaug, R and Schwartzmantel, J [1988] – Democracy, A Reader (Introduction).pdf
ory of such political institutions?Sen, Amartya, ‘Democracy as a Universal Value’, Journal of Democracy, 10
(1999), 3-17. Can be found here:
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Philosophy (Fall 2008 Edition), Edward N. Zalta (ed.),
Blaug, R. and Schwarzmantel, J. (1988) Democracy: A Reader (Edinburgh
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