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You are required to produce a 1,500 word report on the subject below. The word count does not include any index or References. An Executive Summary IS NOT required and will not be included in the
word count. Correct Harvard Referencing is expected for all documents cited and plagiarism will not be tolerated. Better marks will be achieved for demonstrating individual research beyond the
texts provided by the course.
The two videos are:

Using the theories and models that we have discussed in lectures and classes and your own further research, compare and contrast the two operations regarding such things as the quantity and change
of production and the way that production might be organised.
(The topics of the lectures were: introduction to Operations Management and Operations Strategy, Design of Processes, Products and Services, Layout & Flow, Job Design, Operations Planning and
Comment on the ability of each manufacturer to move into the other’s market segment.
Lectures slides will be attached if system allows me to do so.

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