What are some potential problems that can emerge from implementing integrated information systems in organizations and companies?”

Topic: “What are some potential problems that can emerge from implementing integrated information systems in organizations and companies?”

Order Description
Research papers are intended to answer a question or solve a problem. For this research
paper, you can choose any of the questions that are posed in the chapters throughout the
book. But there’s a wrinkle. There is an un-numbered chapter after Chapter 12 called The
International Dimension. Read that section before choosing the topic for your research
paper. That’s because I want you to re-work the question so that it has a more global
For example, take Question 7 from Chapter 2, which is “How can you use collaboration
tools to manage tasks?” That can be expanded to a more international view by re-stating
the question as “How can collaboration tools assist in international team interaction?”
Don’t forget to consider things like language, time zones, currencies, cultures, and
anything else that might make the international version of the problem different.
If you want to choose a particular company’s problem or another topic, I’m open to that.

Research Papers are a minimum of 10 double-spaced pages (body of paper not counting
figures, graphics, or titles, tables of contents, etc.). Please use 12-point Time Roman, 1-
inch margins, and otherwise follow APA guidelines. The paper should include the
following sections:
1. Title Page
2. Abstract
3. Introduction (no heading required)
4. Issue Identification (This is the most important item. The rest of your paper will
be solving this problem.)
5. Issue Analysis / Develop Alternatives (This is sometimes referred to as the
Literature Review. That’s because you’ll be citing examples you find in the
literature to substantiate your problem and find things that have worked for other
situations that could apply to your problem)
6. Evaluate Alternatives
7. Recommendation
8. Implementation Plan (if appropriate)
9. Risks (include risks of doing as well as the risk of not taking the recommended
10. Conclusion
11. References must be in APA format and include a minimum of 8 references – at
least 4 of them being from a “scholarly” journal or conference from a library
resource such as Troy online library. Wikipedia and the textbook for the course
are not acceptable references.

Textbook information:
Using MIS Plus 2014 MyMISLab with Pearson
eText — Access Card Package, 8/E
Author: David Kroenke
Edition: 8
th edition (January 3, 2015)
Pages: 600
ISBN-13: 978-0133919868
Publisher: Pearson

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