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Informative Speech Assignment
An Informative Speech increases awareness by introducing the latest information about a topic or body of related facts, or presents information promoting understanding of an idea, term, or concept.
You should use AT LEAST THREE supporting materials to make
the speech clear and interesting to the audience. You need to use books, Internet, research, expert opinion, magazines, etc. Be sure that you DO NOT use yourself as a piece of support. Be sure that
you do not give us an opinion speech with no sources. These speeches earn “D’s.” Be sure that you CLEARLY cite your sources, in your speech, as you use the information. This means that, during the speech, you will orally cite at least three sources.
Choose a topic that is informative, socially significant, and intellectually challenging.

  1. The topic should be informative and challenging to this
    audience. (Do not tell things that are common knowledge or that are trivial.) I would avoid topics like smoking, exercise, and diet. Those that smoke, know they should not and overweight people know they should lose weight or exercise. Topics that deal with diseases, death, and dying tend to depress the audience and may color their reaction to your speech. This is your chance to be creative, innovative and
    share knowledge about something you LOVE!
  2. The speech should be four to five minutes in length. Be sure
    to practice your speech several times OUT LOUD to ensure that you are within the time limit. When speeches reach the five minute time limit, you will be asked to stop speaking, therefore may lose points for not being able to give an effective conclusion. The time limit will be strictly enforced.
  3. The steps of the introduction and the steps of the conclusion
    should be clearly identifiable. Remember that you MUST do something in the introduction to grab the attention of the audience and pull them into your speech. A strong introduction includes: (1) an attention getter (review your text for possible ideas), (2) a preview of your three main points, (3) your personal credibility, (4) a connection with the audience, and (5) a clear statement of your thesis. A good attention getter does not include introducing yourself and stating your topic. Make the audience WANT to listen to the speech! A strong conclusion includes a brake light, a review of your three main
    points and a strong final thought about your subject. The conclusion should make the audience glad they listened to your speech and should leave them with something to think about. NEVER EVER end a speech with “That’s it” or “I guess I’m finished”.
  4. There should be a definite, logical transition bridging
    each component of the speech. A transition can be as simple as saying, “This leads me to my first point” or “Now that I’ve told you , I’ll l go on to my second point, which is _
  5. Each main point should be clearly stated and developed.
  6. You are to use at least three different sources for this speech,
    so you will have at least THREE ORALLY CITED SOURCES.
  7. You are required to have a visual aid for this presentation and that visual aid must be Power Point. Do not use posters or visuals that are too small for the audience to see or comprehend. A visual aid should be an AID for your speech. In other words, it should contain material that will help the audience remember what you talked about. Check your Power Point presentation on a different computer to make sure it works!
  8. Your presentation skills should include
    –Natural and conversational delivery.
    –Extemporaneous mode, with note cards (if you choose to use them) –Effective vocal and physical delivery skills
    –Effective use of visual aids
    –Do NOT read your speech. This is a speech, not a report. You
    should practice out loud and feel comfortable enough to speak with minimum use of notes. Eye contact is imperative for an effective speech

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