We can work on What are the advantages of being a women in the 21st century

What are the advantages of being your gender in the 21st century? What are the advantages in the work field, home or out in public?

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Small businesses can get higher sales through the maintenance of social media pages without incurring any cost. However, after the potential customers are aware of the products and the brands they would more likely indulge in purchasing the product. Moreover, the total cost incurred on the entire process of getting orders will cost small businesses nearly zero or just a few dollars spent on advertising through social media pages. As a result of a study shown people spend 5 hours on the internet, amongst which 20% of their time is spent on Facebook (Engel), showing that there are higher chances of engaging the audience through social media leading to sales. The cost incurred on the utilization of social media platform does not require any investment, which could be considered unaffordable by small businesses (Neti). Most of the time it is hard for small businesses to afford paying for marketing and advertising tools such as TV channels. Thus, social media is a neat, affordable tool for all kinds of advertising. 1.3 Data Collection to Improve Customer Insights: Social media is improving customer insight as well because an entrepreneur can post as much information and images as he wants about a product on social media, which provides people with enough details. The data about the preference of the customers and the statistics about their location can be easily gathered by small businesses through the maintenance of social media pages. The data gathered can be used by small businesses for improving the products or services or modifying the marketing strategy (Carter). Data does not cost small businesses any money, it is good to gather as much information as we could about costumers to easy improve the insight. Knowing what products they like and what prices would be fair to make them happy to purchase. We as small businesses have to make sure that our customers are satisfied and well provided with their needs in order to gain their trust with our brands.>

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