We can work on New venture development and planning (UK)

Come up with a 3 years business plan for a project (Student Box). 3500 words in main body. 1500 words appendix (-500 words for reflective writing)
Product: Develop an app called (Student Box) to help students in UK. The app will run in both IOS and Android platform. This app will include discount for clothing, food, stationary, travel, etc. Income will earn through advertisement from partners. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.
Similar app (UNiDAYS / Student beans) Here are some of the ideas that I came up with, hope can help you a bit. Vision statement: To be the most reliable app for students to use Mission statement: To help foreign students to have a wonderful time during their studies.
Key partners: Unidays, deliveroo, Uber eats, Just eat, Universities, app Developers, investors/ crowd funders
Key activities: Search for investor/ crowdfunding, Looking for app Developers, Development of the app, look for partnership, marketing the app, software maintenance, signing of contracts

Sample Solution

The use of social media by small businesses can be helpful in enhancing the traffic on the websites, which would encourage customers to purchase more. Furthermore, the ranking on the search engine is also enhanced, resulting in greater chances of finding the website through the search engine and thus web traffic increases. According to the research conducted by Michaelidou, the use of social media has been reported to increase the customer base of the businesses through attracting new customers. As claimed by Kira Gholston “small businesses must actively participate, have the knowledge needed to run their social media page(s) and develop a strategy which engages their audience” (36). As a result of these strategies, enhancing web traffic and search ranking should be accomplished. 1.5 Sharing of Content and Relationship Building Small businesses can share the benefits, deals and discounts on products or services without any problems in a faster way. Facebook is one of the widely used and the easiest platform provided to the businesses and the customers to use and interact with each other (Engel). Social media is one of the most effective tools for building relationship with the customers. It provides a platform for both parties to share their views, present opinions, and enhance the loyalty of the customers with the businesses. Therefore, forming strong relationships between businesses and customers. According to the research work conducted by Lisa Harris, et al, “this trend is fundamentally changing the relationship between businesses and their customers” (24). The study was conducted for analyzing the impact of social media on the customer relation in the business to business sector of London and positive results were found among using social media to help small businesses share content and build relationships. 1.6 Richer Customer Experience: The customers experience of businesses can be enhanced through social media as it allows companies to interact with users to solve their queries and enhance the post purchase dissonance, which ultimately reflects in a better customer experience (Jones). Having a strong customer service and experience is a good path to make small businesses grow faster and have more loyal customers. The use of social media by small businesses can be helpful in creating brand loyalty by engaging with the customers constantly. The level of customer satisfaction can also be enhanced by improving the experience of the customers with the product or services.>

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