We can work on Understanding Chronic Illness – A Literature Review

Specifically, you will conduct a short review of the literature. In this paper you will gather a minimum of 4 credible sources on your chosen chronic illness for your literature review. This must include at least 3 peer-reviewed articles from the Excelsior Library and at least one credible source from a govemmental or health care website. You may also use your assigned readings, but please note that these will not count toward the 4 required sources.
Once you have gathered your sources, you will use this literature to write a paper addressing the following:

  1. Define and describe your selected chronic illness.
    State how the condition is diagnosed, symptoms, and the prevalence. List and describe the precipitating factors of the illness (personal, genetic, environmental, etc.). Explain which groups are more vulnerable to developing your chosen condition (e.g. °kW adults are more vulnerable to developing Alzheimer’s disease). Explain some of the biological. psychological, and emotional aspects of the illness.
  2. Briefly describe commonly used treatments. 3. Select a theoretical framework appropriate to the experiences of people living with the illness. You may use any of the theories covered in your course readings or incorporate one from your literature.
    Describe the theory. Explain how your chosen theory might be applicable to 1) your chosen chronic illness and 2) an intervention in which the patient is a partner in his or her care.
  3. Describe this theory’s applicability for diverse populations, e.g.. age, gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, cognitive functioning.

Sample Solution

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