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The background of the event (how did the United States get to the point it did when each battle took place). (For , Chapultepec and Chancellorsville, don’t go back more than a month prior to the battle to provide the bulk of the information). This includes telling me why you think the battle/campaign occurred (what was the goal of the battle/campaign?). There should b decent detail in this background section of the paper. The major moments in the battle/campaign itself, from first to last. Best approaching this chronologically, I don’t need to know all the moments of the battle/campaign, but I d to know about the major ones (a brief reading of the story you choose should reveal to you which moments are important ones that should be discussed in your paper). What happened, and what impact did they have on the battle/campaign itself. Finally, you should be describing how the battle concluded, and what the conclusion of the battle meant to the parties involved. You should also describe why it was an important event in U.S. history. This is the most important part of the paper as you analyze what transpired and try to give me an understanding of not only why things went the way they did, but also very the battle/campaign is an important one in U.S. history. Oh and by the way, I’m looking at approximately 4-5 pages here.

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Translation process is an artistic communication between the author, the translator and the reader and the words used by the translator constitutes the major part in the process of communicating ideas or feelings of the author. “Literature is both the condition and the place of artistic communication between senders and addressees or the public” (Basnett,2002) The translator is the first one who must comprehend, read and interpret the source text then to render it in a different medium. Literary translation includes fiction,poetry, drama and the language arts must be taken into consideration by the translator. The purposes of the translator are to transfer the information but also to create an equivalent form of art. The beauty of the translators’ work is that they bring a great contribution to the creative process being recognized as part of the literary world. The literary translator must therefore possess a great knowledge of both the TL culture and language and the SL culture being able to command to>

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