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read the computer problems that are listed below and then, in a separate text document, report what your
recommended solutions are. This is not a copy and paste question. I need to read about how your problem is resolved, not just postulated. “Take it to another
technician” is not a solution, you will be fired from your job. You choose the parts and the prices. You sell your labor for $85 for the first hour and $60 per hour
thereafter, in 5 minute intervals. If you overcharge, you will lose your customer, or they will refuse to pay, and then you lose your job.
These are real world service calls that happen somewhere every day. As a professional, you will select and buy all parts that are approved by the customer. It
is unfortunately likely that the customer will provide the wrong part, or the cheapest thing they can find. If this happens, you are deemed responsible for the
inferior part provided by the customer. When the smoke escapes, the customer blames the technician. Then you get fired and lose your job and your income.
You must choose the parts, the price, and where to buy them. What complete procedures and EXACT parts would FIX it? How much will the parts cost and
where will you buy them? As a computer technician, how much would you charge your valuable customer for these service calls? Once you have typed out
the correct responses, save the document and attach it to this drop box and submit it.
Project Questions:
What is the recommended solution to the following problems:

  1. A computer boots normally but soon turns off. When rebooted, it dies again. It works for a few minutes in the morning, but throughout the day, it only boots
    after it has been turned off for over an hour, then turns off again as soon as the windows desktop appears. What are your troubleshooting steps and repairs
    that you, the on call technician, will use to resolve this malfunction? What went wrong? How did you fix it? How much must you charge the customer?
  2. A USB flash drive is not recognized by a Windows 10 operating system computer. What troubleshooting procedure would you use to diagnose and then
    repair this problem? What are your troubleshooting steps and repairs that you, the on call technician, will use to resolve this malfunction? What went wrong?
    How did you fix it? What would be the total cost to the customer for the fix?
  3. A desktop computer is not able to connect to a wireless network (WLAN). What are the step by step troubleshooting steps and procedure that YOU would
    use to diagnose and repair this problem? What went wrong? How did you fix it? This problem may be easy to look up online, but what would you have to do to
    resolve or repair the actual problem? What is the fix? Did you buy any parts? What would be the total cost to the customer for the fix?

Sample Solution

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