We can work on The challenges Pascoe faced as well as the insights she gained from conducting her ethnographic research

Part 1: Read Babbie (pps. 167-177). Formulate and then briefly describe a content analysis of music study that you would want to do (be sure look at the example of content analysis study on page 176). Explain how you would go about doing the study. In particular, how would you choose an appropriate sample of the units of analysis you are planning to study.
If you use a direct quote from a reading, you must put it in quotation marks. Otherwise, it is plagiarism
Part 2: Textbook name: Kyle Green and Sarah Lageson: Give Methods a Chance
Read chapter 3 and then
Discuss the challenges Pascoe faced as well as the insights she gained from conducting her ethnographic research. In your opinion, would her research be
helpful to teachers and administrators who would like to reduce homophobic harassment in their high schools? Explain.

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