We can work on The role of microfinance (small lending) vs. banks vs. moneylenders

Compare the role of microfinance (small lending) vs. banks vs. moneylenders in breaking the cycle of poverty at the Bottom of the Pyramid. IF you like, you can check out the ‘Living on One’

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languages, most particularly in a language teaching setting. The primary purpose of relative linguistics is to know the common features of various language class. From these two points of view, knowledge was born and semiotic analysis spread all over the world. Significant and crucial exercise was done in Prague and Russia early in the 20th century. The area of linguistics was ressurected in the USA during the 60’s. Noam Chomsky (1928), who is a professor of innovative languages and linguistics at MIT vulgarized linguistics with his book “Syntactic structures” which was published in 1957. He schemed and justified a generative construction of language; in other words, the correlation between language and the human mind, particularly the philosophical and psychological deduction. Marshall McLuhan, presents the notion of the “medium is the message” in his book “Understanding Media” (1964). Roland Barthes (1915), a Professor at the College de France in Paris published “Elements in Semiology” in 1964. In 1977, Stephen Heath, a lecturer at Cambridge translated and merged a series of Roland Barthes essays into a book called “Image, Music, Text” which is now an essence text for students in the field of Semiotics. Umberto Eco (1932), a Professor of Semiotics, indicated that semiotics involve the study of communication through signs and symbols, at the University of Bologna. A well-known philosopher, historian and a literary critic. He published ‘Semiotics and the Philosophy of Language’, in 1984. The subjects of his scholarly examinations includes; St. Thomas Aquinas, Jams Joyce and the Superman. Another land mark in the making of Semiology is semiotics of culture, introduced by the Tartu school in the early seventies; mostly with a perspective of translating Russian history, an>

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