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Make an argument supported with reasons and evidence while considering substantive counter-arguments. I recommend Athanasius, but you can do the Critical Thinking Essay over any of the texts listed below. You can even use two of them to support your arguments.

Critical Thinking Essays should also be clear, accurate, and properly formatted. Please use some consistent citation format of your choice (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.).

Definition for Critical Thinking Critical Thinking is a process by which one evaluates a variety of evidence, information, and ideas that challenge one to question their and others’ assumptions and support a conclusion.


Explanation of issues: Student identifies and summarizes the problems or questions at issue.

Position: Student identifies and presents their own research-based perspective and position as it is important to the analysis of the issue (perspective, thesis, hypothesis) .

Counter-Position: Identifies and considers OTHERS perspectives and positions that are important to the analysis of the issue.

Influence of context and assumptions: Analyzes own and others assumptions*

Evidence: Evaluates evidence: Identifies and assesses the range and quality of supporting data.

Conclusions: Conclusions (implications, consequences, significance, so what?) are soundly/reasonably supported.

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