We can work on The philosophical concept of “the good life.”

  1. Provide a thorough definition of the philosophical concept of “the good life.”
  2. How and why is the concept of the good life relevant to the study of philosophy in general and political
    philosophy in particular? Explain.
  3. Briefly describe your personal vision of the good life. What role, if any, must government play to help you
    fulfill your vision of the good life over time? Explain. To what extent has your perception of the good life
    changed as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis? Explain.

Sample Solution

Quickly, subsequent to going of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 by the General Assembly, the instructive benefits of those with mental or physical handicap have been accepting consistently expanding consideration around the world. According to Alexander and Salmon (1995), to ensure that specialized curriculum is youngsters’ benefit to get instruction which needs allotting them with independent class and arrangement of other learning material backings. According to Nathanson (1998) since the kids are inconsistent, they need inconsistent treatment and consequently, extra assets ought to be offered for helping kids with learning troubles. As indicated by World Health Organization (2010) ‘Handicap is an umbrella term covering disabilities, movement constraints and cooperation limitations. Disability is an issue in body capacity or structure: an action impediment is a trouble in executing an assignment or activity: while a support limitation is an issue experienced by a person in association in life circumstances’ Ofsted (2010) delivered figures that recommended that around 1 out of 5 or 1.7 million understudies were delegated having Special Educational Needs. This figure includes those understudies who are additionally characterized as incapacitated under the Equality Act of 2010. Evaluations of the extent of youngsters with a handicap change however ongoing examination shows that 7 percent of kids in England are impaired. There is a huge cover between debilitated kids and those with SEN. Research recommends that around seventy five percent of handicapped kids additionally have SEN and will right now get support through the SEN framework. Also, SEN marking can make low confidence and can crumble succeeding outcomes, naming understudies of ‘extraordinary requirements’ as often as possible convinces school the executives to treat them diversely and independently as opposed to scrutinizing them in standard class. To treat them contrastingly and independently are viewed as the debilitation present in the current SEN framework. The presentation of The Equality Act 2010 tried to dispose of those components inside schools of treating SEN understudies diversely and independently. Through the prerequisites of against separation measures, sensible modifications and treating crippled and SEN understudies all the more well the planned result is to improve the experience and accomplishments of these understudies. Writing Review History of Special Educational Needs in the UK As per the Education Act, 1996, a kid has uncommon instructive needs (in this after will be alluded as SEN) if there is a learning hardship which needs gracefully of extraordinary instructive consideration to him based on his learning trouble. For the motivations behind SEN, a kid incorporates any person who is younger than nineteen who is an enlisted understudy at a School in UK. Under area 323 of the Education Act (1996), a neighborhood authority from the nearby Council may give a Statement of Educational Needs. This is an authoritative archive which portrays about SEN of the kid and clarifies how these necessities will be met with. The term SEN was first presented by the Warnock Report of the late 1970s. Prior, debilitated understudies who required custom curriculum were dealt with by 1944 Education Act where it specified ten classifications for recognizable proof of kids with SEN. Coming up next were the meaning of ‘handicap’ given by the 1944 Education Act. Halfway located/Blind Sensitive Hard of hearing Instructively odd Diabetic Epileptic Truly crippled Epileptic Discourse deformity Mal balanced There had been an extreme change in definition of a specialized curriculum idea by the Warnock Report in 1978, which accentuated that an understudy’s instructive necessity ought to be given primary goal rather than person’s learning impedance or inability. As of date, out of sight of instructive arrangement, the expression SEN has a lawful significance which implies to kids who have learning incapacities or challenges that make it increasingly laborious for them to get to or learn training contrasted with other offspring of a similar age. In 2001 the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act set up the lawful rights for crippled understudy by revising the Disability Discrimination Act of 1996. This demonstration shielded SEN and incapacitated understudies from separation in every instructive setting The Equality Act 2010 The Equality Act 2010 (in this after will be alluded as EA) came into power with impact from first October 2010 in U.K, accordingly gathering, blending and reshuffling 9 prior Acts (The Race Relations Act (1976), The Race Relations Act (1076), Equal Pay Act 1970, The Race Relations Amendment Act (2000), Gender Discrimination Act , Equal Pay Act (1976) , The Human Rights Act (2000) , the Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2003 , the Employment Equality (Religion or Belief ) Regulations 2003 and the Children’s Act (2004) and more than one hundred arrangements of guidelines administered more than forty years. A portion of the one of a kind highlights of EA 2010 are as per the following; The EA has built up an alternate meaning of incapacity. The definition nearly analogs to that of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 with following two boss special cases; Presently, the precondition that a psychological weakness ought to be clinically all around recognized ailment has been evacuated. The thorough rundown of what equivalent to everyday exercises has been expelled. The result of the unwinding of the importance of incapacity is that more youngsters with SEN are currently lawfully being treated as impaired. Under EA 2010, each open power, including instructive organizations are required to distribute essential Equalities Policy data and the school should consider the accompanying ensured attributes; Sex (sexual orientation) Incapacity Maternity and pregnancy Race (ethnicity) Sexual Orientation Religion and conviction Sexual orientation Reassignment The EA 2010 grows the significance of segregation. In the previous Acts, there existed two assortments of inability segregation. These were; For an explanation associated with their incapacity without avocation, treating a handicapped student or planned understudy less well than another crippled individual. Not finding a way to abstain from putting crippled students at an impressive downside differentiated to non-handicapped youngsters. Under EA (2010), the significance of unlawful segregation has not been changed in a significant manner yet there is new phrasing to clarify separation; Direct segregation: when an understudy is dealt with less well than another understudy because of a secured attribute. Aberrant separation: apply for a measure, arrangement or practice in a similar way for a gathering of understudies yet, which has the effect of putting understudies sharing defended attributes at a particular drawback, and one can’t legitimize the training as being ‘proportionate methods of approving a legal target’. Further, the EA (2010) talks about the separation by discernment and segregation by affiliation and furthermore presents another wonder ‘segregation radiating from an inability’ which reestablishes incapacity related segregation under the prior Disability Discrimination Act, 1955. How EA 2010 Differs from Earlier Acts The EA (2010) presently proclaims it is unlawful to oppress a person with a handicap for an explanation that is related to their incapacity. The EA likewise makes it illicit to have guidelines, practices, strategies and decides that are appropriate to every single one, yet which explicitly hindrance individuals with inabilities. All schools in U.K are required to make reasonable adjusting to allow understudies with inabilities to partake in the instructive exercises completely in their schools. The EA currently puts three significant obligations on schools in U.K., which are as per the following: Less Favorable Treatment Understudies with inabilities ought to be treated at standard with non-impaired kids Sensible Adjustments Supporting the EA, Hills (2013 :2 p13) specifies that ‘Youngsters with incapacities are approved to have satisfactory modifications made in regard to affirmation offices or in getting the training and related administrations, to prevent them from being put at a significant trouble, except if the counter to cause these fine-tunings to can be defended’. Meaning of incapacity under the EA The EA (2010) characterizes an incapacity as a physical or mental weakness which has a generous and long haul (for example has kept going or is probably going to keep going for in any event a year) unfriendly impact on an individual’s capacity to do ordinary everyday exercises. The classes showed are presently obviously characterized by the EA and confirm from the Equality and Diversity UAS (2014 p1). Physical disability incorporates tangible conditions, for example, visual or hearing debilitation, just as a scope of wellbeing conditions, including HIV, malignancy, diabetes, numerous sclerosis, and heart conditions. Mental disability incorporates emotional wellness challenges, for example, sadness, tension issue, insane diseases, and dietary problems’. Fairness and Diversity UAS (2014) likewise demonstrates that handicaps secured by the Act can likewise incorporate; Conditions such, as Asperger Syndrome and other Autism Spectrum Disorders. As per Equality and Diversity UAS (2014) explicit learning challenges will likewise now be incorporated under the EA. These will incorporate Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The EA will expect schools to survey these understudies and make the essential arrangement under SEN. Along these lines the EA will have had an effect upon the understudies who will be evaluated as handicapped and need SEN modifications inside schools. Balance and Diversity UAS (2014) at that point further characterizes what can be classed as an inability under the EA. A long haul is characterized as an inability where impacts last in any event a year Transitory conditions which are probably going to last under a year will n>

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