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Select a word, phrase, sentence, image from one of the unit’s texts to closely read. Analyze your selection with as much detail and care as you are able while providing a clear, coherent, and yet concise discussion of how:

the various parts of your selection fit together to create what we see;
the style(s) used work to construct your selection;
your selection, packed with all its detail, fits into the work as a whole (e.g., is the selection unusual in the context of the text? Is it a good representation of the work as a whole? Etc.);
In short, I want you to dig deeply into your selection and uncover what lurks beneath its surface—ultimately looking beneath the surface of both the text itself, as well as your own positions and response(s) to the text. You are expected to quote from the text, so you will need both in-text citations and a Works Cited page.

Sample Solution

expansion to online mediums in the form of electronic word of mouth. This will involve looking and how the internet has allowed for the exchange of information between individuals, in the form of online reviews, social media post and so on following the developments of the internet from the 1990s to the current day. 2.1 General tourism overview The tourism industry has been proven to be one of the biggest in the world and a major stimulus for economic growth. Currently the tourism industry contributes to ten percent of the Global domestic profit (GDP). Moreover some regions of the globe recognise tourism as their biggest revenue source for their country (Negrusa et al., 2017). Data recorded by the UNWTO shows that in 2017 international tourist arrivals reached the highest levels in 7 years at 1,322 million. This is a seven percent increase compared to 2016. This level of growth is expected to continue into 2018 with a growth of 5% over 2017 being expected (Media.unwto.org, 2019) According to the UNWTO tourism can be defined as the “activities of a person defined as a visitor” these visitors and individuals partake in activities outside of his or her own country of residence for a period of no more than a year for various reasons such as business, leisure and health (Media.unwto.org, 2019). According to failte Ireland visitors who travel to a destination outside of where they reside can be segmented into three different groups. 1. Visitors – usually travel to a destination for just under a year usually for employment purposes. 2. Tourist – A visitor whose trip includes an overnight stay 3. Holiday maker – A tourist whose main reason for travelling is for leisure/recreation (Failteireland.ie, 2019)>

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