We can work on The performance of a system or software.

Determine criteria that capture the performance of a system or software.
Review the evaluation criteria for measuring performance using the resources provided OR consider other sources to determine which criteria to use (be sure to cite any sources you use in APA Style(new tab) formatting).
Determine the evaluation criteria and reporting requirements for the evaluation process. In particular, determine the potential measures that will need to be assessed for the report.
Generate a Plan of Action for the team members to follow.
Conduct a team member self-assessment of background experience and skills for the identified measures that will need to be observed.
As a team, review each member’s responses to the self-assessment and determine best fits. If a lack of comprehension in a specific measure is identified, come to a consensus on the best team member to research the measurement attributes.
Develop a team strategy for assigning measurement tasks.
Make sure there is a team lead and that each team member understands their role in the project.
Remember that the project goes beyond the process of evaluating the performance of a single characteristi

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