We can work on The key characteristics and impacts (for example, economic outcomes and social benefits/disadvantages

Using a case study approach, explore the key characteristics and impacts (for example, economic outcomes and social benefits/disadvantages) of an event of your choice.” Focus on one event and build your narrative around it. You can use other examples though.

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ea coverage is also known as grid coverage, field coverage, blanket coverage [4]. Area coverage is covering the specific area of interest with atleast one sensor at every point. The minimum number of sensor nodes is deployed within a field to achieve area coverage. This type of coverage is represented problem of minimization and also problem of maximization[2]. Fig 4: Area coverage II. TECHNIQUES Various techniques of deployment are written as follows: Genetic algorithm: Genetic algorithm is considered as evolutionary algorithm. The normal genetic algorithm is based on simulation of genetic mechanism and theory of biological evaluation[10]. A GA is utilized to look for close ideal arrangements when no deterministic strategy exists or if the deterministic technique is computationally difficult. A lot of work has been done from last few years in optimized deployment of wireless sensor network. Shubhpreet and Uppal et al.[1] have implemented the Genetic algorithm to remove overlapping of sensor nodes and to ensure maximum coverage. Their proposed algorithm was successful to achieve maximum coverage and intersection free deployment but still there exists an issue of energy consumption. Yoon and Kim et al.[7] additionally characterized Maximum Coverage Sensor Deployment Problem (MCSDP) in their paper and attempted to evacuate issue utilizing proposed efficient genetic algorithm using normalization function, likewise embraced Monte Carle technique to outline efficient evaluation function. To overcome the problem of overlapping and coverage Brar and Virk et al.[3] have proposed a new method using GA, the algorithm then ensures the maximum coverage with interference free nodes. Advantages of Genetic algorithm:>

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