We can work on NLP positively impact student engagement

“To what extent can NLP positively impact student engagement within online learning in music education?”

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Deployment: In this paper our main concern is with deployment of wireless sensor. Basically deployment means to deploy or spread out or arrange strategically. Deployment can be categorized into two ways, sparse deployment and dense deployment. In case of sparse deployment few number of nodes are deployed in field of interest. In case of dense deployment large number of nodes are deployed in field of interest.[10] Fig 2: Random and Deterministic deployment Types of Deployment: There are two types of sensor deployment described as following. a) Random deployment: The sensors are dropped in a plane randomly. Basically random deployment of sensors can be example of dense deployment as large number of sensors are deployed to ensure maximum coverage. b) Deterministic deployment: In this type of deployment location of nodes is planned and then placed to obtain desired performance. So that deterministic deployment can also known as planned and controlled deployment. Coverage: Another performance metrics in wireless sensor network is coverage and connectivity. Maximum coverage and low cost deployment have now become a challenge for developers. Coverage is basically considered as how well a sensor network will monitor a field of interest[4]. The type of coverage depends on area to be monitored, types of coverage are written as follows[1]. i. Point coverage ii. Barrier coverage iii. Area coverage Point coverage is also referred as sweep coverage, in point coverage particular points of region of interest are observed. It isused for event detection and patrol inspection etc. Barrier coverage is covering the boundary of the area. The sensors are placed near the boundary. Barrier coverage is utilized to accomplish static arrangements of sensor nodes which amplifies the location rate of targets appeared in sensor system.>

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