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The student will develop a PowerPoint presentation that will include 20-25 slides detailing a thorough understanding of the impact of drugs in another country, besides the United States. This will include the impact that drugs have on crime in that selected country. To obtain full credit, the student must present a detailed researched project that includes, statistics, graphs, maps, historical background, action plans to combat the drug issues within the researched country, any legislative laws that address fighting the war on drugs, like punishment, treatment, etc.

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Sample Answer

Here is a possible outline for a PowerPoint presentation on the impact of drugs in Mexico:

  • Introduction:
    • Define drugs and explain the different types of drugs that are trafficked in Mexico.
    • Provide an overview of the history of drug trafficking in Mexico.
    • Discuss the current state of the drug trade in Mexico, including the major cartels involved.

Full Answer Section

  • Impact of drugs on crime in Mexico:
    • Provide statistics on drug-related crime in Mexico, such as the number of homicides, kidnappings, and robberies.
    • Discuss the link between drug trafficking and violence in Mexico.
    • Explain how drug addiction can lead to criminal activity.
  • Action plans to combat drug issues in Mexico:
    • Discuss the different strategies that have been used to combat drug trafficking in Mexico, such as law enforcement efforts, crop eradication, and education programs.
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of these strategies.
    • Propose new strategies that could be used to combat drug trafficking in Mexico.
  • Legislative laws that address fighting the war on drugs:
    • Discuss the different laws that have been passed in Mexico to address the drug trade, such as the drug trafficking law and the organized crime law.
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of these laws.
    • Propose new laws that could be passed to address the drug trade in Mexico.
  • Conclusion:
    • Summarize the main points of the presentation.
    • Discuss the challenges and opportunities in addressing the drug problem in Mexico.

This is just a possible outline, and you can adjust it to fit your specific research and findings. You can also include additional slides on topics such as the impact of drugs on public health, the role of the United States in the drug trade in Mexico, and the cultural factors that contribute to drug use in Mexico.

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