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The health and safety policies and procedures are there to protect me in the care setting as they are set out by the employer as an agreed way of working they are not only there to protect me but to protect others outside. Approved codes of practice within the health and social care setting that relate to health and safety. They include recording and reporting procedures of how to deal with accidents/ injuries, and emergencies.

It also includes first aid and administering first aid on if you have been trained to do so. There are also other policies and procedures that are in place such as general working conditions the environment that we work in and to report any unsafe conditions this includes and equipment that may be used and to adhere to regulations whether it be electrical or mechanical but these will have their own set of guidelines. There are policies and procedures to your own safety as well as other staff and people in our care there are so many different policies and procedures and they are set out and there to protect everyone and before starting work the employer by law should make you aware of these policies before you start working so you can see your rights and rights of others.

Identify situations in which the responsibility for health and safety lies with the individual The social workers responsibilities are to take care of their own health and safety for example they had to have a good understanding and applying relevant legislation as well as agreed ways of working. It is also their responsibility to keep up to date with relevant legislation these include attending any relevant training that needs up dating. It will also include an understanding that certain tasks that should NOT be carried out without special training for example the use of equipment moving and handling medication administering and first aid. It is also the social workers responsibility of liaising and cooperating with others on general health care procedures for food preparation as well as health and safety procedures and to use the correct PPE and specialist equipment such as the hoist.

The employer or managers responsibilities are to provide information such as risks that may arise in regards to health and safety from working practices they include any changes that may cause harm or affect the general health and safety of individual employees and what can be done to protect health and safety. The employer must also outline how to do the job safely and provide the necessary training in order for the employee to carry out their roll safely and to provide the correct equipment for them to carry out their role safely. They also need to provide the employee with the HSE information that covers the health and safety laws that cover workplace risks and provide information and contact details of other organisation that can assist or help provide further information.

The care assistance responsibilities are to take care of their own health and safety and their welfare this includes protecting the safety of others by being accountable of your own actions.
5 Explain why specific tasks should only be carried out with special training If I don’t receive specific training for special tasks for example if I move an individual and I haven’t had any specific training I could cause injury to them and to myself if I haven’t had any first aid training I could cause serious problems to their health or could paternally kill somebody. If I haven’t had special training for medication for example depository’s then I could hurt the individual and cause un necessary stress to the individual. If I haven’t had special training for specific tasks and I carry them out and cause any upset, distress and harm I can find myself in serious trouble loss my job or even find myself in court and possible jail.

Explain how to access additional support and information relating to health and safety There are a number of agencies that are around if I need any more help and advice about health and safety there is things like the HSE the CQC department or health and skills for care there is also st john’s hospice there is direct gov and information on the internet and your NVQ assessor that can help.

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