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Most of the people prefer stability and confidence in the next day. It’s always complicated to start doing something, but you should begin with just taking a small step toward your goal, whatever that goal is, and then pause to see what happens. If you get a positive reaction, take another small step. If you get a negative response, stop and think about what you have learned. The same about your paper. If the topic is going well, continue it. If not, just change to the other one.

Before telling how to write a research paper, we’d like to remind you the concept of it. A research paper is a unique type of essay that requires collecting the sources, understanding the main issue of the topic, and making the persuasive final part. A research paper is more than the sum of your sources, more than a collection of different pieces of information and more than a review of the literature in a field. Such kind of work helps the students increase their knowledge in the certain area and develop their own way of thinking.

What is research? Research is any gathering of data information and facts for the advancement of knowledge. Research is performing a methodical study in order to prove a hypothesis or answer a specific question. It requires some interpretation and an option from the researcher
before you begin reading over the instructions for the assignment to make sure you fully understand what the instructor has in mind.

Research is one of the most important pieces of writing that you need to write when you enter college. You need to write the essay, anytime, your task is to create an article or a response to something. You are required to know how to put your thoughts and all your words together and everything you have to say you should organize. That’s a point of the research paper.

We recommend starting your paper:

by thumbing through the textbook;
browsing the table of contents chapter headings and subheadings to get an overview of the subject matter;
checking your audience;

How to Pick a Winning Topic?

A topic is hard to cover completely because it typically encompasses too many related issues, but a question has an answer even if it is ambiguous or conversion. A clearly stated question helps you decide which information will be useful. A board topic may tempt you to slash away information that may be helpful, but you are not sure how. A question makes it easier to know when you have enough information to stop your research.

To start you, first of all, need to choose a question, not a topic. A good research question is

Clear, specific and simple.

A clear, open-ended question calls for real research and thinking. Asking a question with no direct answer does research and writing more meaningful. Your research may solve significant problems or expand the knowledge base on a discipline. This involves you in a more meaningful activity of community and scholarship.
According to the statistics, in which over 100 students were asked: “Do they like research, why or why not?”. It appears there are some part of people that like research, another hate research and for most of them it depends on the topic: if they don’t mind the research, if they hate the topic, they hate the research. That’s why choosing a topic can really set the tone for the rest of your research project.

Create the Thesis

A thesis statement is the controlling idea of your essay. Main purpose of your essay tells the readers the subject and direction of the essay and expresses the subject what you’re going to talk about. Direction purposely means where you’re going with your paper, what you are going to talk about, or what subjects your essay will cover. The thesis is usually written in one sentence that appears as the last line of the introduction.

For example, All of my classmates enjoyed three wonderful days of reunion activities.

What will the writer talk about? What is the main idea? The man idea is a reunion.

What is the purpose, direction, position or angle this essay will take? The answer – describing three days of reunion activities.

Based on the information in the text, how might the writer organize essay? He may organize it by days; what happened on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The main characteristics of a thesis statement are:

–              to tell the subject or what the writer will talk about;

–              to suggest the purpose, direction, position or angle the essay will take;

–              to suggest how the paper will be organized.

You want to pick a topic that interests you, but sometimes it is very hard to decide. You guess that this topic might be easy, this topic not, or I’ve written it before. But if you’re passionate about your choice, it’s going to make the research process funnier.

Many people, who don’t like research, say it’s tedious: the more you’re interested in the topic, less serious the research is going to be. The best project will come out if you’ll get into the writing. Presenting of it might be more interesting to you and, therefore, it’s going to be more interesting to everybody else.

We also want to give you some tips and strategies that you might find useful when writing an abstract.

Read the work of other writers/researchers in your field.

Read several abstracts produced by other writers/researchers in your field and pay attention to the structure. As you read this abstract ask yourself the following questions: what information do they include? Where do they include it? What is the wordage of the abstract

Tailor your work the specific requirements of the paper.

The text should be formatted using 10 point Times and indented by amount 25mm from the left margin. Leave about 10 mm space after the abstract, before you begin main text of your article. It follows the addresses and should give readers concise information about the content of the article and indicate the main results obtained and conclusions are drawn. It should not contain a reference to figures, equations or bibliographic references.

Get to the point.

Find the main idea of your paper or research and phrase it in a way that can be understood by an educated non-expert. If you can’t summarize your paper or research concisely, try writing several paragraphs initially, then cut and condense it into the one paragraph.

When in doubts, ask for help.

If you find difficult to meet the word limit (or are not sure that you’ve included the most appropriate information) ask for help from a friend, instructor, or writing center tutor.

Outline is the Map of the Right Destination

An outline helps you organize your thoughts, understand information flow, ensure that you don’t miss anything while writing. Make a list of all the sections in your paper. It should follow the introduction, methods, results, discussion, and conclusion. Write down the main fact points for arguments that should be covered under each section. In the scope of your methods and analysis, you need to write about the importance of using them and describe all of them with examples. In the final section, you must report the results for each method used. In the discussion section, you need to focus on how your study contributes to existing research in the field. And in the conclusion, you must combine it all together and some objectives of your paper.

The first and one of the most important steps to start your essay is to choose a topic. Choosing topic is a very important decision you have to make regarding anything involving research. You can’t research something if you haven’t decided what exactly you’re looking for. It can be a very difficult choice for, especially undergraduates to make. The main reason for it is that you are not a master of some discipline. There are cases when the professor just tells you to pick a topic and gives you total freedom. It’s very difficult to limit your choice and come up with an appropriate topic for the particular assignment. That’s why topics are divided into certain categories: education, business, economics, politics, health, and care, religion, psychology, social issues, etc. So, try to pick a topic that interests you.

If you can’t think of anything that fits the bill, or you want to be a little more practical about the whole thing, we highly recommend picking a topic related to your major. A lot of times students don’t like research because they feel like they’re doing all wrong, and they have a topic that they don’t care about. They don’t want to put into their brain the information that they can’t use for any future purpose.

Read and write the notes

In your essay, you’re trying to spread ideas to your reader, no matter what the ideas are.
Write down something that you believe in that other people disagree with you about. Go ahead and if you need time for that, take your time, but write down something that you firmly believe in that other people disagree with you about. Write one proof, one major argument, one thing you would say to prove that what you believe in is true. Think about a real example that can demonstrate this proof in real life. Read the articles of another writer, try to pick up something new. Keep records.

Repetition is the mother of learning

The research paper is not a business of 1 hour. It needs a lot of ideas, patience, interest and time. We recommend you to read your text after you’ve finished the creating of the main map. No doubt, you’ll find a lot of things to change. If everything is perfect, just continue in that direction.

Come back to your thesis

Rethink pieces of information that you have to know to write your thesis. Start rethinking your topic. However, knowing the topic is not the same as knowing what you were going to be running about in your paper. It is conceivable that you can say: “I want to write about computers,” but that is not enough for a thesis statement. You need your claim, what you think about the topic, what you have to say about that topic. If you decide to tell your teacher that you want to write about computers, your teacher is going to say okay, but what do you have to say about computers? It’s better to formulate strong topic like: “Computers are destroying America.” Pieces of information that you need to know are all the reasons that back up and support your claim. You might have one reason that computers have destroyed America because they’re making people lazy, or computers are destroying America because they are causing children, or allowing children to see information that they should not be seen. Check if you have at least three reasons to support your paper.

Create a body of your work

Next step will be to draft a body for your paper. Your regular research should consist of introduction, body, and conclusion. Try to move from one part to another smoothly. The introduction says, people, what the topic will be about. You need to rephrase the words from the title, think of the way it will be presented and don’t use personal pronouns. The body is the main part of the printed text, excluding items, headings, and footnotes. In this part, you can extend your thoughts and ideas. This is the biggest part of the text. Conclusion concludes all the work in the text. But write if after all work is done.

Practice makes perfect

You will have to do a lot of revising in order to write a good paper, especially if it is your first time writing. Expect to spend some time preparing your article before submitting it. Pay attention to every single detail to avoid different kinds of mistakes.

Add an abstract and conclusion

After we highly recommend you to add the beginning and the end. Now it will be the best time to formulate your abstract, as there is a whole text written. It should be just one small paragraph, where you’ll attract readers’ attention.

Arrange and save

Read the text one last time, make changes to the text, deciding what will be removed and what will be kept. Look over a piece of writing for errors, watching out for spelling mistakes and grammar problems. If you don’t proofread your work, you might write “ham” instead of “harm” and confuse the heck out of your reader.

There is one song telling: the end is the beginning is the end. We can understand this statement differently, but what is obvious, that it’s almost never easy to start. And if you’re just starting out, you need to know that there is absolutely nothing glamorous about this paper. It’s just some cold nights and a lot of hard work.

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