We can work on The Five Laws of Cybersecurity


Watch the following talks:
The Five Laws of Cybersecurity
by Nick Espinosa
Click Here to Kill EverybodyLinks to an external site.
by Bruce Schneier
The talks repeat the fact that absolute security -whether it is for individuals or organizations- is
impossible. Security solutions have been evolving as technology and cyber threats evolve. It is
important to keep the nature of cybersecurity in mind when using any security solution.
Can you share any additional insight into the question, “Why is absolute security impossible?”
Post a 3- to 4-paragraph (375 to 500 words) discussion and reflection on the topics.
Consider this to be a mini “reflection paper” per most of your other course work. Talk about what
was interesting, difficult, or surprising in what you read. Note any “ah-ha!” moments.
Find a current news article or journal article that highlights the topics for the week. Summarize
the article’s main points, and connect them to the material you read/watched in the resources of
the current module. Suggested resource to use for this assignment: NewsbankLinks to an
external site.
Connect the topics from the above resources back into prior coursework you have taken at
Franklin or other institutions. Talk about where you first encountered the topics or concepts and
whether or not this exposure to them enhanced or solidified your understanding.

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