We can work on The Encyclical Letter of Benedict called “Deus Caritas Est”

The Encyclical Letter of Benedict XVI called “Deus Caritas Est” may be considered an example of a traditional Christian argument for social welfare. How is the religious concept charity related to your personal interest in helping others more specifically (you might need to look up this document yourself if you choose this topic)? Is the promotion of social justice, as described in this document, too restrictive? What is the role for people in the support and promotion of social justice?

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performance of socially responsible mutual funds fail to account for the fact that the performance of mutual funds depend to a large extent on the skills of the mutual fund manager and thus the results of these studies may not reflect the true picture of socially responsible investments. David A. Sauer in his paper ‘The Impact of Social-Responsibility Screens on Investment Performance’ [2] compared the performance of a socially responsible portfolio with two unrestricted portfolio without taking into account the effects of transaction costs, management fees , etc on portfolio performance to more transparently examine the implications of restricted social investing on portfolio returns. His findings indicated that the social responsible screenings do not necessarily have an adverse impact on investment performance. 4. Impact Investing While the above studies conclude that socially responsible investments do not underperform as compared to unrestricted investments and therefore should be preferred over unrestricted investment, a bigger question is that can capital markets bring about social change? One way a negative screening investment strategy does help in bringing about social change is by raising awareness about social concerns among socially unresponsive firms. As more and more people turn to SRI they can place pressure on these firms to change and become socially and environmentally responsible. A more direct way of bringing about a social change is through impact investing. It is a form of socially responsible investing which aims to bring about positive social and environmental effects while also generating financial gains by investing in businesses which work towards bringing about a positive social change. Impact investing helps solve social or environmental problems while generating financial returns. [8] Since the intention here is to generate measureable social or environmental impact, >

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