We can work on The Economic Development`s Economical Determinants

Citation system: MLA citation system (Writer surname, year of publishing, Page number) Example: (John, 2001, Pg:15)
Number of pages 6, 5.75 for the main text and 0.25 for references
Total required references: 15
General description:
The essay aims to identify the role of human resources, accumulation of the capital, scientific and technological development, and the structure of the economy in economic development as a determinant factor from the economic aspect.
For each factor, it should be displayed 4 paragraphs as follows:
1.    The definition of the factor,
2.    Demonstrating the relation and effects of this factor on economic development.
3.    How to measure this factor,
4.    Presenting some statistics as case studies to show the importance of this factor and how to use this factor in analyses of economic development. 
The main points in the main text:
    Human Resources (1.5 pages using at least 4 references,)
    Accumulation of capital (1.5 pages using at least 4 references)
    Scientific and Technological Development (1 page using at least 4 references)
    The structure of the economy (2 pages using at least 4 references)

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