We can work on The components of an executive leadership development program for a fictitious company.

For this assignment, you will write a report that details the components of an executive leadership development program for a fictitious company. The fictitious company can be within an organization and industry of your choice. Do not use the name of or information about a real company. After you have chosen a type of organization and industry, include the following items in your report.

Include an introductory paragraph that lists the name and type of fictitious company, the country in which the home office is located, how long the company has been operating, and the number of executive leadership employees.
Discuss an executive leadership development strategy. Provide a vision for this strategy. For example, what are the outcomes of having a leadership development program for the organization? How will the leadership be structured?
Explain how you will assess leadership capabilities for the roles you have structured. Are there any leadership theories that you use as the basis for your decisions?
Describe one assessment tool that you will use to identify leadership capabilities. How will your leaders develop problem-solving skills and the ability to arrive at sound solutions?
Explain how you will facilitate the training for leadership. What trends do human resource professionals use for leadership training?
Conclude your report by describing the benefits that having a formal executive leadership development program will have on the organization (e.g., why a program is important and how it enhances the organization’s competitiveness).

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