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The readings in this module support the notion that effective comprehension is a process based on factors relative to the reader and the text. Chapter 9 of
your textbook addresses the unique text factors of stories, nonfiction, and poetry.
For this discussion post, you will choose a grade-level standard that addresses the teaching of one (or more) text factors referenced in Chapter 9. Example:
ELA.3.R.2.1: Explain how text features contribute to meaning and identify the text structures of chronology, comparison, and cause/effect in texts.
Locate an example of a text (it can be literary or informational, print or digital) that would be appropriate to use with the grade level you selected. Read Works
& CommonLit are excellent resources for locating grade-level texts.
Choose or design a graphic organizer that scaffolds the teaching of text factors relative to the type of text you selected. Complete the graphic organizer, and
upload it as an attachment to your discussion post.
Within your discussion post, please include the ELA standard you selected, the title of the text you used to complete the graphic organizer (and a link to it if
one is accessible), and a short descriiption of how the graphic organizer supports reading comprehension.

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