We can work on Supporting student learning and family well-being.

Those who work in a school setting must promote supportive relationships with students and families while also being mindful of the potential direct or indirect effects of social and community issues. Advocating for equal partnerships among school staff, families, and community resources enhances student learning and family well-being.

Based on your previous research and assignments, identify a social or community issue of concern in the community surrounding your selected school that affects student learning and family well-being. Identify a community organization that the school can partner with to address the issue.

For this assignment, write a 500-word letter to the potential community partner explaining the identified issue and propose a partnership between the organization and the school to support student learning and family well-being. Include the following:

A description of the social or community issue and proposed partnership
A rationale for the need for the proposed partnership to address the issue identified
A goal of the partnership including a minimum of two measurable outcomes related to student development and achievement
Minimum of 2-3 action steps you are requesting the organization take to reach the identified goals
At least 3-4 activities, outreach opportunities, or other events to support the proposed partnership
Resources and technologies needed for the plan to be successful.
Support your partnership with a minimum of 2 scholarly resources.

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