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A woman walks into an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. A man cashes his disability check. Do you look at them with judgment, with sympathy, or with something in between? How you answer may depend on your perspective toward social welfare.

A look of judgment represents the stigma attached to many social services. Some recipients are more stigmatized than others—for instance, a senior receiving retirement benefits may not be perceived with contempt in the same way that a homeless person at a soup kitchen might be.

For this Discussion, you investigate what stigmatization entails and how you might address it with a certain population.

a response to the following:

Define stigmatization as it relates to receiving social services.
Identify and describe a population that may feel stigmatized in accepting a social service.
Describe a strategy to use with a client to address stigmatization.

Verhaeghe, M., Bracke, P., & Bruynooghe, K. (2008). Stigmatization and self-esteem of persons in recovery from mental illness: The role of peer support Links to an external site.. International Journal of Social Psychiatry, 54(3), 206–218.

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