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Darby and Karni, 1973). When a tourist looks to choose a destination they utilise many different sources of information to guide their decision and word of mouth is one of the most significant ways of obtaining information that will guide and shape and individuals attitudes. This is due nature of word of mouth recommendations being informal, swift and lacking in commercial bias, and hence have a profound effect on the decisions and behaviour of consumers (East et al., 2008) as they view these recommendations to be more trustworthy and authentic. According to “Nielsen global trust in advertising” survey, which had just over 28,000 respondents across fifty six countries concluded that word of mouth recommendation from friends and family members was chosen by ninety two percent of those surveyed as the most trustworthy source of information (advertising) whilst online consumer opinions had a lower trust rate of seventy percent. Furthermore the survey highlighted that of those surveyed only forty seven percent said they trusted ads on television . The reason for word of mouth communication been seen to show a high level of trust is due to the fact that it comes from friends or family members and therefore is deemed more trustworthy than consumer opinions posted online (E-WOM) (Mack et al., 2008) Positive word of mouth experiences comes from tourists that have had an experience with a destination that has either matched or well exceed their expectations . These individuals will be most likely to speak highly about it to friends and family (Litvin et al, 2008) immediately after they return from their holiday thus resulting in the perception that the destination is of high quality and will meet or even exceed the expectations of potential visitors hence highlighting the fact that word of mouth recommendations do in fact impact on the decision making process. However if the tourist has a negative experience of the destination they will be like to prescribe a negative word of mouth account of the>

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