We can work on Communication studies and where it’ll lead in the future

How do you view the current state of the field? Our interest here is with the field of communication studies and
the state of study involving communication, not the act of communicating. For this assignment, each student
will prepare a five to seven page paper that explores the future direction(s) of the field. Specifically, the paper
should address how communication studies can be defined, key topics in the study of communication, and how
the field is likely to evolve in the future. I encourage you to begin this assignment by visiting the website of the
National Communication Association at https://www.natcom.org/. The format for the paper should follow APA

Sample Solution

nd and family, in the next section the author will examine how and to what extent word of mouth recommendations impact a holidaymaker when choosing a destination. 2.5 Word of mouth communication In this section the author will discuss the concept of word of mouth communication in relation to it impacts on an individual’s understanding of particular destinations and how that in turn influences their decision when choosing a holiday destination. As described by Westbrook (1987) word of mouth is the informal communication of information and personal experiences which informs individuals and consumers about a product or services attributes and qualities. This form of communication takes place in a face to face setting (King et al., 2014) and is usually the sharing of past customer experiences or in this case the tourists experiences to other such individuals as friend and family members (Viglia et al., 2016). Word of mouth communication can be neutral, positive or negative and can have a profound effect on the decision of a customer in regards to a product or service they are looking to purchase (Katz and Lazarfeld, 1955). When examining the impact of word of mouth communication on the purchasing decisions of consumers, it is seen to have a greater impact on their judgment of services as opposed to products due to the intangible nature of services (van den Bulte & Wuyts, 2007). With this word of mouth has become an integral force within in the tourism industry impacting purchase intentions, attitudes, preferences and decision making of customers. Overall scholars agree that word of mouth is of critical importance in the success achieved by service providers as positive or negative word of mouth can be the deciding factor of a company, firm or destinations success or failure. 2.5.1 Word of mouth communication and its effects on a holidaymakers decisions As individuals find it difficult to assess destinations prior to visiting them, they rely heavily on the suggestions and experiences of others. Word of mouth is described as being one of the most utilised “extrinsic cues” due to its high level of accessibility and its evaluati>

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