We can work on Spatial Visualization: World Population Data 2018

Follow the link to view the interactive maps of global population and demographic patterns. Then answer the following questions.

World Population Data 2018 from the Population Reference Bureau (PRB)

The Population Reference Bureau (PRB) is a non-profit organization that collects wide-ranging data sets relating to population demographics and health research. Each year the PRB shares the data it collects from some 200 countries. In addition to a variety of charts, the PRB offers an interactive map to explore a breadth of global demographic patterns.

Click on the thumbnail with the map icon. It will take you to the interactive map. The first thematic map you will view is “Population mid-2018 (millions).” Click on the “Select Indicator” button and you can toggle between a variety of mapped data sets. Finally, hover over countries to see their individual values.

Study the legend at the bottom left to see what data range is represented by the graduated color. Analyze the “Population mid-2018 (millions)” map.

1) What two countries have the largest populations? 3.1
a. Pakistan and Bangladesh
b. Russia and Japan
c. India and China
d. Indonesia and Brazil
2) What is NOT one of the countries with 100 – 1,000 million persons in 2018? 3.1
a. Niger
b. Russia
c. China
d. Brazil
Click on the “Select Indicator” button and then select the “Births per 1,000 Population.”
3) What region stands out at the global scale for having the highest birth rates? 3.1
a. Americas
b. Africa
c. Asia
d. Europe
4) What region stands out at the global scale for having the lowest birth rates? 3.2
a. Americas
b. Africa
c. Asia
d. Europe
Click on the “Select Indicator” button and then select the “Deaths per 1,000 Population.”
5) What statement does NOT accurately reflect the 2018 patterns of global mortality? 3.2
a. The western hemisphere has lower average mortality rates.
b. Mortality is a varied patchwork across Sub-Saharan Africa.
c. Russia and former Soviet Republics have low mortality rates.
d. The Arabian Peninsula and North Africa have lower mortality rates.
Click on the “Select Indicator” button and then select the “Infant Mortality Rate.” Infant mortality rates compare the number of infant deaths per 1,000 live births.
6) What of the following countries has the lowest infant mortality rate in Sub-Saharan Africa?
a. Democratic Republic of Congo
b. Central African Republic
c. Cameroon
d. Gabon
War can have a devastating impact on infant mortality rates as health care and political stability of a country might be in disarray. The following countries each were suffering their own internal conflict during 2016 when the PRB collected data.
7) What country has the worst infant mortality rate? 3.3
a. Syria
b. Turkey
c. Democratic Republic of Congo
d. Yemen
Click on https://www.indexmundi.com/g/r.aspx?c=cg&v=29
8) What was that country’s world ranking for infant mortality rate in 2018? 3.3
a. 3
b. 11
c. 80
d. 116
Click on the “Select Indicator” button and then select the “Total Fertility Rate.” Fertility rates are key indicators of population change. Low fertility rates are often observed to be connected with high rates of human development and economic growth.
9) What world region has the lowest fertility rate? 3.3
a. Americas
b. Africa
c. Asia
d. *Europe
Click on the “Select Indicator” button and then select the “Life Expectancy at Birth (years), Males.”
10) What country has the lowest life expectancy for males? 3.4
a. Japan
b. South Korea
c. Australia
d. New Zealand
Click on the “Select Indicator” button and then select the “Life Expectancy at Birth (years), Males.” The world pattern overall is telling: Women tend to outlive men.
11) What country has the highest life expectancy for females in South Asia? 3.4
a. India
b. Pakistan
c. Bangladesh
d. Nepal
Toggle back-and-forth between the two Life Expectancy maps.
12) What world region has the highest life expectancies for BOTH males and females?
a. Americas
b. Africa
c. Asia
d. Europe
Click on the “Select Indicator” button and then select the “Percent of Married Women 15-49 Using Contraception, Any Methods.”
13) What country has the highest total contraceptive prevalence rate in Asia? 3.5
a. Thailand
b. China
c. Vietnam
d. South Korea
For the remaining questions, toggle back-and-forth between the “GNP per Capita ($US) 2017” and “Infant Mortality Rate” data maps. Analyze the patterns and answer the questions.
14) What world region exhibits the concurrence of low income with high infant mortality? 3.5
a. Americas
b. Africa
c. Asia
d. Europe
15) What statement does NOT accurately describe the patterns that occur when income data is compared to infant mortality rates? 3.5
a. Low income countries generally have the highest infant mortality rates.
b. High income countries generally have the lowest infant mortality rates.
c. Africa has too much variation to illustrate the relationship between data sets.
d. Americas shows the most variation between countries for both data sets.

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