We can work on Rules of the Game” by Amy Tan

Paragraph 1:
In the first sentence, identify the author and the title of the work being analyzed. Next, briefly provide a synopsis of the text. Finally, create a thesis statement and underline your thesis statement at the end of this paragraph. This should be no more than half a page, and it should incorporate three points that you plan to examine.
Paragraph 2:
Begin with a topic sentence that introduces your first point. Analyze this point. Be sure to include primary and secondary quotes from the text to support/explicate your position and to support your interpretation of the work.
You MUST explain each quote you use. Provide the entire quote, and do not use hanging quotes. It is required that you use citations for each quote.
Use the 1, 2. 3 Step Process when quoting from the text(Introduce the quote, insert the quote (with citation), and explain the quote.)
Paragraph 3:
Explain the impact of your first point. Use the 1, 2, 3 Step Process. You will use this process for ALL body paragraphs.
Paragraph 4:
Identify and analyze your second point. Include primary and secondary quotations from the text to support your analysis and interpretation.
Explain each quote using the 1, 2, 3 Step Process.
Paragraph 5:
Show why your second point is important. Remember that each body paragraph must include primary and secondary quotes that you must explain.
Paragraph 6:
Identify and analyze your last point. Use primary and secondary quotes and explain what they mean.
Paragraph 7:
Explain the importance of the last point.
Paragraph 8:
Create a conclusion that sums up the essence of the analysis. Refrain from restating your main points, however. Answer the “so what question”? In other words, why does this analysis matter? Take a step beyond and offer a directive or evaluation concerning the effectiveness of the work. Do not use the phrase “In conclusion.

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